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Aditya Basak

Aditya Basak is a prolific painter with 66 exhibitions to his credit. His formal journey into the world of art began with his graduation from Kolkata’s Government College of Arts and Crafts in 1977 where he gained an understanding of the various schools and techniques that would later help him forge his own distinct style.

His paintings probe the depths of the human psyche, particularly those unknown parts of ourselves that lie concealed behind social veneers. His approach is that of surrealism and goes beyond the obvious or the reasonable. This enigmatic feature brings a haunting and disturbing quality to his work. 

Basak is a humanist and uses his art to help the less privileged and needy. His auctioned works have addressed causes like animal welfare and the plight of spastics in society.


Mind and Peace

Aditya Basak

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