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K. Muralidharan

Muralidharan is a graduate of the Madras School of Arts & Crafts with a diploma in Painting. 

Fairly early in his career he was selected to exhibit in Sweden as a guest artist at the Stockholm college. He has since received many prestigious grants and fellowships and has exhibited his works to acclaim both in India and abroad.

The stories and fables in the myths and religious folklore of his Tamil heritage has been the source of his art. It is like an ocean he once declared. He could ceaselessly dip into it for inspiration. 

His paintings depict gods and goddesses from the Hindu pantheon with a childlike intimacy and expressiveness that make for a distinct aesthetic experience. Their presentation of animals and humanised deities are stunning and uplifting at the same time. Stylistically his works show a sophistication that renders the complexity of mythological concepts in simple forms, drawing viewers to a palpable purity in them.



K Muralidharan

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