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S. G. Vasudev

Born in Mysore in 1941, SG Vasudev is one of India’s most celebrated painters.

He is a star alumnus of the Madras Government College of Art and a founder member of the Cholamandal artists village in Chennai, a pioneering effort that sought to create a congenial atmosphere for artistic experiment and expression through living and working in a residential commune.


SG Vasudev works across multiple mediums that include drawings, paintings, tapestry and reliefs in copper. The tree is a central symbol in his paintings and makes its presence in various series.


He has won many prestigious awards from various institutions and state Governments in India. They include the National Academy of Art and the State Academies of Art in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  


Like his exceptional art, Art Shastra was also a seminal idea that first took root in Vasudev’s soaring imagination. A unique collaboration that brings together some of India's most celebrated masters at Evolve Back's enchanting locales to produce works of inspired art.

Tree Amongst Ruins

S. G. Vasudev

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