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Shipra Bhattacharya

Shipra Bhattacharya was born 1954 in Kolkata and studied Fine Art at the College of Visual Arts, Kolkata, under the guidance of her teacher and mentor Shuvaprasanna whom she later married.

Her canvases often revolve around feminine figure entrapped within and encasing her dream world submerged in intricate renderings. While the female figure forms a central part of her work, it is more the inner consciousness of these women that the artist draws on, using bold yet soft colours and smooth brushwork. Women, both urban and rural, each with her secret passion-seeking fulfilment of an inner void of unfulfilled desires, have been the artist's current muse.

The artist combines with ease bright, bold colours and soft, curving strokes, rendering each of her paintings a mesmerizing paradox.  Her work adorns various public, corporate and private collections. She lives in Kolkata and works from her studio at home.

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