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Vijender Sharma

Making Magic

Vijender Sharma hails from Delhi and holds a post graduate degree in painting from the Delhi College of Art. He has been a successful solo artist in India and abroad and has also participated in many group shows.

Vijender has been called the David Copperfield of art by the Indian press. He creates figurative paintings in all mediums with themes that are mostly psychological, attempting to understand the complexity of the human self. They are contemporary in style and strike a satirical note sometimes. These paintings dwell in the multidimensional and create deceptive atmospheres through which his subjects and stories unfold. He is a
master of the illusory who uses subtle variations in colour, perspective and tone to great advantage.

Love and longing are common themes in his works and their treatment touches upon the erotic and sublime in turns, taking his viewers on a magical journey of reflection and discovery.


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