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Atin Basak

In the world, but not of It.

Atin Basak hails from Kolkata where he studied painting formally. He later went on to study printmaking at the reputed Baroda college of Art. He has many awards to his credit and has exhibited his works extensively both in India and abroad.

His works grace the walls of the Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi, the British Council in Mumbai and the Baroda Palace. They are also in the art collections of private individuals in many countries.

His art deals mostly with the concept of transcendence, of being above the
everyday chaos of human existence without being affected by it. As such his subjects of choice are sages and mystics who have traditionally been symbols of the other worldly. They are by nature reclusive but have the wisdom to live life at a very different level avoiding its twisted and painful entanglements.

It is this detached engagement with life that Atin seeks to capture in his
canvases, highlighting them as a much needed antidote to modern existence.


Silent Presence

Atin Basak

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